Since summer of 2009, SquadLive has become one of Oklahoma’s most sought after popular music acts. Based out of Norman, OK, SquadLive is an engaging 7-piece band comprised of degreed musicians and professional entertainers who live to perform.

SquadLive plays a wide range of popular music from the past 40 years. If it’ll get your feet moving, chances are good that it’s in the SquadLive’s repertoire. (see our complete set list attached) Though dance music is the band’s forte, they also are well versed in jazz and rock.
SquadLive has become synonymous with a gold standard in live entertainment. Whether you’re throwing a party, booking for a club or just looking to make your event as entertaining as it is memorable, SquadLive is a guaranteed hit. If it’s a live event, better make it SquadLive!

Download our current song list here

*Sound Engineers and Event Producers: Download our basic stage plot here

Meet SquadLive 2017

Jordan Oliver


Trevor Galvin


Willie Hill


Sean Fisher


Raul Alfonso


Kayleigh Jones


Randy Polk